The site has won two of the top awards recognizing talent and effort in web presence. It was June 19th FWA  (Favorite Website Award) and AWWWARD Site of the Day (SOTD) on June 25th, also winning DEV AWARD and MOBILE EXCELENCE.

The Hi Fly website was developed by the agency Bürocratik, who won with this project it’s 18th AWWWARD, ranking them to 22nd in the international ranking of the best digital agencies worldwide.

Redesigned, with a fresh new look and highly intuitive navigation, the new website has been conceived to provide visitors with a virtual tour of Hi Fly’s entire fleet. As well as being able to take a virtual video tour of the interiors of each aircraft available for lease, visitors to the site are also able to view a 360 degree CGI of the exteriors of the aircraft and see the different liveries currently available to customers.

The site has attractively-presented details of the Company’s Airbus A320s, A330s, A340s and its A380, and provides easy access to in-depth information about planes available for lease, thus allowing customers to quickly and easily attain a better understanding of Hi Fly’s business, products and corporate mission.

This redesigned focused on the airline main product: the fleet. The site has been designed to show visitors, in detail, what they can expect when they choose to do business with Hi Fly. The aim is to provide a site that ‘flows’, so as to allow those accessing it to navigate their way around, easily and intuitively. The information is also captured in 3D/WebGL, allowing plans of all service fleets to be displayed at the same time.A non-3D version is available for mobile devices and less robust networks, ensuring fast access to information.