Hi Fly, a leading wet lease specialist and charter airline operating worldwide, has changed the cabin configuration of its Airbus A321 CS-TRJ, replacing the 153 seats (4 first, 12 business and 137 economy) for a full economy version of 220 brand new seats, to meet the demands of a new operation that the aircraft has been assigned to.

This work implied several changes, including seats replacement, class dividers removal, PSU (passenger service unit) adaptation, floor covering replacement, placard installation, emergency equipment adaptation, cabin assignment module (CAM) replacement and crew rest removal.

The six days cabin modification was handled by MESA – Aircraft Maintenance & Engineering, part of the Hi Fly Group, strictly following certified instructions and drawings to guarantee the continuous airworthiness of the aircraft in post-configuration.

Ever since Airbus launched its single-aisle family with the A320, it has set the standard as the most comfortable short-to-medium-haul aircraft – which is just one of the reasons why it has become the most successful aircraft of all time.