Hi Fly is delighted to announce the completion of one of its annual World Tours, which came to an end this week.

The Tour, which is now in its fifth edition, began on November 10th, picking up passengers in Paris and was completed on November 30th, after the lucky fliers were returned safely home after visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Iguaçu, on the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, Easter Island, Chile, Papeete, Tahiti, Sydney, Australia, Singapore, Hanoi in Vietnam, and Bukhara in Uzbekistan.

The Tourists all flew together on Hi Fly 9H-FOX, an Airbus A340-300 with 267 seats.

Clients were able to tour their destinations freely or join pre-organized activities and excursions with all clients staying in top hotels at all of their destinations.

As well as being the trip of a lifetime for the passengers, the round the world tour is a welcome distraction from regular route work for Hi Fly cabin crew.

Speaking about the adventure Hi Fly Cabin Crew member Pauline Rebelo said: “The World Tour marks my best time with Hi Fly. It combines 21-days of visiting total dream destinations while working hard in a supportive team environment. A solid bond also builds between the crew and passengers as they travel the globe together. From the vibrant energy of Rio to the magic of Easter Island. From Tahiti’s charm to the straight fun of the Uzbekistan feast, every moment made this experience unparalleled.”

Pedro Carvalho, also Hi Fly Cabin Crew, echoed Pauline’s thoughts.

“The world tour was fantastic! In just 21 days I had the opportunity to visit so many places that were so different, but each so beautiful. Two destinations, in particular, won my heart. Easter Island gave me a moment I will never forget … the sunrise with the famous Moais statues in the background was simply Unforgettable! Then, straight after that, the trip to Rapa Nui, would also be one of my favourite places. But Tahiti, in French Polynesia has a beauty that can only be compared with Paradise. Its crystal clear waters just absorb any trace of stress I had. The positive energy that is emanated from that place is simply phenomenal. Overall, the experience was incredible and will stay in my memory as the greatest highlight of my aviation career.

While world travellers are on onboard with Hi Fly they are offered the best food and inflight entertainment available on the market today. As well as premier travel arrangements, all the world tourers can avail of the finest hotel accommodation at their tour destinations and enjoy varied pre-arranged activities.

Chartering aircraft, like the one used for the World Tour is an important element of Hi Fly’s business model. Tour operators, travel companies even high net worth individuals can choose routes and schedules with Hi Fly operating the aircraft for them on an “all-inclusive” fixed fee basis.

Photo Credits: All photos by Hi Fly Cabin Crew