– Hi Fly airline supports it’s principal sustainability partner the Mirpuri Foundation, that is ‘Racing For The Planet’ in The Ocean Race 2023, the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world.

– Hi Fly is committed to contributing to a more responsible and sustainable planet by fighting against the very important issues that are plastic pollution and carbon emissions, and is actively implementing and promoting good practices in its business.

– Hi Fly is the first single-use plastic free Airline in the world.





A sustainable airline partners with a sustainable team

Since its inception, the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team has worked to ensure that the Team becomes (and remains) one of the world’s leading proponents of sustainability in the sailing world. The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team seeks to minimise environmental impact by reducing emissions in our own operations and our supply chain, and by extending the lifecycle of products that are used.

A Single-Use Plastic Free Racing Boat
The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team replaced all single use plastic onboard our racing boat with compostable alternatives crafted from recycled material.

Additionally, every event we run from media launches, training sessions and racing events, are all held in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way, minimizing the footprint.


Truly committed towards our goal of “Turning the Tide on Plastic”, there won’t be any single-use plastics at any point during training, races or events.

All the paper used for the Team and events is recycled.

Not only the healthier option for our sailors, but organic food has a lower carbon and environmental footprint.

All boat waste will be handled responsibly.

The Foundation will donate all the Teams on-event residual fresh food to institutions, reinforcing the work done through our Social Responsibility programmes.

The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team organises several workshops, conferences, campaigns and underwater and beach clean up’s in every stopover and also during the pre-race phase, where the our team crew with share the importance of ocean conservation in first-hand, sharing experiences and fan engagement.

Hi Fly and the Mirpuri Foundation are continuing to work on new and imaginative projects to enhance and promote sustainability in related fields. So, this year the two organisations are devoting some of their efforts to battling climate change with a “Racing for the Planet” campaign.

This builds on two highly-successful campaigns to “Save the Coral Reefs” and “Turn the Tide on Plastic”, both of which were supported by educational programs, workshops and conferences. The Foundation and Hi Fly also continue to work together to champion sustainability initiatives around the globe, with Hi Fly aircraft carrying Foundation messages in their liveries. Accordingly, Hi Fly’s A330 CS-TQW’s displayed a “Turn the Tide on Plastic” themed livery, and the world-famous A380 9H-MIP is carryied a “Save the Coral Reefs” message to all corners of the globe.

Hi Fly looks forward then to minimising its environmental impact as well as actively contributing to a better world by extensively supporting the Mirpuri Foundation’s six key areas of intervention: Aerospace, Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, the Performing Arts, and Social Responsibility.