Hi Fly ferried Global Airlines’s A380 across a distance of 5000 nautical miles from Mojave Desert Airport – USA to Prestwick – Scotland, via Montreal Mirabel – Canada.

Hi Fly ferried Global Airlines A380 across a distance of 5000 nautical miles, from Mojave to Prestwick, via Montreal Mirabel. The flight which was conducted by Commander Carlos Mirpuri, supported by Captains Antonios Efthymiou, João Domingues, and Engineer Brian Dellaringa made history, and is the culmination of a multi-month process that involved a team of experts from Hi Fly and Global, working intensively over 12 months to make it happen.

Hi Fly teams worked closely with Airbus and Global Airlines to understand which flight conditions would apply. The fact that jacks were not available in the Mojave Desert Airport meant that the Global Airline’s A380-841 9H-GLOBL had to be ferried to PIK where it will undergo further maintenance before returning to the skies. The first flight from MHV-YMX had a total flight time of 05h40 and around 2150 nautical miles. Second flight from YMX-PIK had a total flight time of 07h44 and around 2800 nautical miles. Additional flight time was planned to avoid demanding weather, such as thunderstorms and severe icing. The flights were operated with the gear down ahead of the required maintenance, thus slower and at lower altitude, and the need for a fuel stop.

After arrival, Commander Mirpuri said: “This aircraft is an engineering marvel, and I never get enough of it. This was a long flight across America and the Atlantic Ocean, with an A380 configured much differently from those in commercial operations, including its landing gears locked down, but all went as expected. I wish Global Airlines success with it and look forward to flying it again. It is time to conduct the rest of the return to service tasks so that their passengers can enjoy flying this super jumbo. Myself and James Asquith, Global Airline’s CEO, had the first conversation about this project in early June 2023. From the day of that meeting, I assembled a team of our best specialists, and put ourselves to work, alongside the Global team. I am immensely proud of them. They had previously proved extraordinary when we launched Hi Fly A380 project in record time 6 years ago, and proved extraordinary again. I am also thankful to Airbus, who rolled up their sleeves with us and with whom our combined teams had innumerous meetings throughout the months that led to this day.”

This phase of the Global Airlines project represented more than 4000-man hours of work. The aircraft had been stored for a little over a year and is being reactivated. The project is now moving to the next phase, which involves completing a C Check, interior renovation, and upgrades.

Collectively, Hi Fly and Global Airlines, together with other partners plan to get this and other Airbus A380’s to fly passengers in the future. Global recognized in Hi Fly the unique ability to progress the project. Hi Fly is a former A380 operator, in fact one of the very exclusive club of only 15 airlines to ever fly this astonishing airliner. The famous “Save the Coral Reefs” flew to more than 50 different airports, putting Hi Fly at the top of the list in the number of airports visited by an A380 operator.

About Hi Fly
Hi Fly is the largest Airbus Widebody aircraft wet lease specialist in the world, EASA and IOSA certified and FAA approved, with AOC’s in Portugal and Malta, and licensed to operate globally. The airline operates a large fleet of all Airbus aircraft, Airbus A320, A330 and A340, available for wet lease and charter, passengers and cargo, on short, medium and long-term contracts, worldwide. Customers include airlines, governments, tour operators, freight forward companies and private individuals and the military. This is Hi Fly’s core business and has been developed with unmatched operational expertise over the last 19 years.