Hi Fly displayed an A340 during the 70th anniversary of Portuguese Air Force in Beja. Two flights were performed, one on the 2nd, one on the 3rd of July, both at 12:15 local time. The airplane was flown by Commander Carlos Mirpuri.

This weekend in Beja public was presented with a breathtaking performance by Commander Mirpuri, who demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of the A340. The display included maximum performance climbs, steep turns, slow flight and two high speed passes in formation with two F16’s, one on each wing. The airplane used for the display, registration 9H-TQZ is a HGW (Heavy Gross Weight) Airbus A340-313, which has a MTOW (maximum takeoff weight) of 275 metric tons and a range of 7000 nautical miles.

Commander Mirpuri was assisted in the cockpit by Captains Antonios Efthymiou and Peter Holemans.

Hi Fly’s A340 9H-TQZ displayed has a very special livery, showing our friend Kiamaky, a Persian Leopard supported by the Mirpuri Foundation, our principal sustainability partner, following its efforts to conserve endangered species. Kiamaky was born in 2019 and was named after a protected mountain area in Iran, where leopards once roamed in numbers, and to represent the importance of preserving habitats in order to preserve the species. In partnership with the Lisbon Zoo, the Mirpuri Foundation supports the reintroduction of the Persian Leopard into its natural habitat in the Caucasus.

Also with the Mirpuri Foundation’s support, Hi Fly signed up in 2019 to be part of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, that includes a growing group of prestigious and environmental conscientious airlines, aiming to tackle such a serious problem as illegal transportation of endangered wildlife. Hi Fly acts not only in the prevention of this traffic but also in the defense of animal species that are in danger and in need of our protection.

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