One Hi Fly A340, carrying much-needed medical equipment, touched down in Lisbon yesterday evening, after flying from Shanghai, China, on a mission to help Portuguese efforts to battle the global Corona (COVID 19) virus outbreak.

The non-stop flight from Shanghai to Lisbon was flown by Hi Fly Vice President, Commander Carlos Mirpuri: “I had the privilege to once again see how exceptional our crews are. They helped in every way they could to expedite the aircraft turnaround. I am immensely proud and deeply thankful. With me I had Captain Ruben Morais, Captain Rui Alves, First Officer Bruno Barreiros, Purser Gonçalo Romão, Flight attendant João Covas, Engineers Hugo Jerónimo and Pedro Cunha,  and Loadmasters Nuno Vasconcelos and Paulo Catanho. What a team!”

During the ongoing global crisis, Hi Fly crews have been relentless in their efforts to help beat the virus, carrying out repatriation and cargo flights around the world.

The Shanghai-Lisbon mission was chartered by the Mirpuri Foundation, a philanthropic organisation, led by Hi Fly President Paulo Mirpuri. Hi Fly itself forwent any profits from the Shanghai venture and the Mirpuri Foundation also donated 100,000 Euros to the mission to ensure its success.

First Flights non stop ever between Lisbon and Shanghai

Hi Fly operated the first flights non stop ever between Lisbon and Shanghai, following approximately the same route both outbound and return.

The Hi Fly aircraft flew over Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, the Baltic Sea, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Mongolia and China, in about 11300 kms each way. The flight times were 12h55m from Lisbon to Shanghai and 13h40m from Shanghai to Lisbon.

The take-off weight was 230 tons in Lisbon and 270 tons in Shanghai. The aircraft was an A340-313 E, registered 9H-JAI, equipped with CFM 56- 5C4/P engines.