Hi Fly celebrates this month two years since it completely removed all single-use plastic items from its own flights, becoming the first single use plastic free airline in the world.

The wet lease specialist was responsible for operating the first plastic free trial flight of the world in 2018, being a pioneer in greener practices, and leading the industry towards a more responsible future.

Plastic free flights are operated by replacing plastic cutlery with bamboo, while cups, spoons, salt and pepper shakers, packaging for bedding, dishes, individual butter pots, soft drink bottles and toothbrushes are switched by compostable alternatives crafted from recycled materials.

Talking about this airline’s achievement, a member of Hi Fly’s cabin crew said: “Passengers always feel very happy and congratulate us on this Hi Fly’s initiative”.

In a recently operated plastic free flight, between Lisbon and Funchal (Madeira Island), some passengers complimented Hi Fly, highlighting the importance of this sustainability initiative: “We have to contribute more and more to a change in the way that we face environmental problems, and if we can reduce that footprint even more, it is better not only for us, but also for future generations”.

Another passenger also stressed: “We have to start thinking more about the future, and the future is to be thought of now. So I think that it is fantastic that you do that”.

Hi Fly is committed to corporate sustainability and, with the support of the Mirpuri Foundation, the airline’s principal sustainability partner, has been implementing several practices that aim to contribute to a better world.

Besides being the first single-use plastic free airline of the world, Hi Fly implements carbon mitigation strategies, gives voice to critical environmental issues and is a member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, among others.