Hi Fly is currently kicking off an exciting project: the reconfiguration of the interior of aircrafts starting with two airliners belonging to its A330 fleet.

The two Airbus A330-200 CS-TQW and CS-TQP are currently being studied and thoroughly analyzed by the Hi Fly CAMO department with the aim of substantially improving its interiors.

Two LOPA versions will be developed – a main and an alternative for each aircraft, allowing for amplified versatility between a two-class cabin layout (economy and business) and a one class layout for high density configuration (full economy) adjustable to the client’s specific requirements.

Cabin appearance will also be renovated through the introduction of new seats and curtains, carpet and decorative foil replacement in the cabin, a new lighting system and new IFE system integration. In regard to the color scheme to be applied, there will be a prevalence of blue tones with some use of grey to reinforce and strengthen the Hi Fly brand identity.

The project’s main goal is to strongly improve the quality of our product enhancing the company’s prestige and reputation. The aim is to have these aircraft translate Hi Fly’s value, contributing to brand consolidation in its sector.

The reconfiguration is expected to be concluded during the summer of 2019.