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It’s a go-to organization for airlines when they need additional capacity to cover their short/medium term or seasonal needs.

Also an increasing number of governments are adhering to wet lease as a reliable, safe and efficient source of transportation for officials and defense personnel.

Aircraft wet lease stands for the provision on an aircraft on ACMI basis to the clients, ie including the crew, all the required maintenance and the aircraft and third party lliability insurance.

Hi Fly brand is operated by two affiliated airlines, one based in Portugal and the other based in Malta.

Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet
Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet
Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet
Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet
Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet


Hi Fly operates an all Airbus fleet

Our team is made of over 1200 highly motivated and experienced aviation professionals.

We are qualified and authorized to fly to every country in the world.

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& Certifications

Hi Fly is a fully licensed and certified airline, with two air operator certificates, one issued by ANAC from Portugal and the other by TM-CAD from Malta. Both Portugal and Malta are members of the European Union and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). EASA is an agency of the European Union with regulatory and executive tasks in the field of civil aviation safety. Hi Fly is also a full member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and IOSA certified (IATA Operational Safety Audit).

Hi Fly holds authorization to operate worldwide and does so on a daily basis. Every day a Hi Fly airliner departs or lands in all the six continents on earth. Current certifications include:

  • Worldwide transportation of passengers or cargo;
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods;
  • All ICAO Air Navigation Regions;
  • Low Visibility Operations- Up to Cat 3 No DH RVR 75m;
  • ETOPS 180 minutes for the twin engine aircraft;
  • Fully Compliant: RVSM, MNPS, PRNAV, BRNAV, RNP10, RNP4, ADS-B, FANS.


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All Airbus fleet includes the following models:

  • Airbus A320 Image

    Airbus A320

  • Airbus A330 Image

    Airbus A330

  • Airbus A340 Image

    Airbus A340

A large fleet with several models of the Airbus family covers the full range from 220 to 313 seats and from medium haul to very long haul. Cargo flights are also available.

Airbus inside view

Hi Fly is a leading widebody aircraft wet lease specialist operating worldwide.


The Beginning


Hi Fly is a leading widebody aircraft wet lease specialist operating worldwide.

Airplane History Image

The Take-off

Hi Fly has been incorporated by the Mirpuri Investments, with the mission to become a leading widebody aircraft wet lease specialist.

A snapshot of our numbers

  • in flights
  • values
  • worldwide
  • hours/year

    usd of sales/5 years

    clients/airlines and governments

    30k 1b 200
  • missions/year

    USD of Aircraft Equipment/at new catalogue price


    10k 2.5b 50
  • kilometers/year



    25M - 1200


From January 1, 2020, all Hi Fly’s own flights are taking to the air without any single-use plastic items on board.


Mirpuri Foundation is the Principal Sustainability Partner of Hi Fly. Learn more at www.mirpurifoundation.org

About Hi Fly Sustainability Policy

Hi Fly is committed to contributing to a more responsible and sustainable planet by fighting against the very important issues that are plastic pollution and carbon emissions.

The company is actively implementing and promoting good practices in its business. Hi Fly is the first Airline completely “Plastic free” on its own flights, and was the first Airline to declare that will be carbon neutral by 2030.

Carbon Offset

All Hi Fly own flight will be carbon neutral before the end of 2030. A number of carbon offset programs are being considered, tested and independently verified for implementation.

Waste Management Programs

Commercial aviation is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. The potential large environmental impact of aviation needs to be addressed by developing sustainable practices followed by its management and safe disposal. As part of an integrated materials management strategy, Hi Fly makes a deliberate decision about how materials should flow. Specific tactics to deal with specific materials are implemented- prevention, reuse, generation, source separation, recovery, collection, transfer, recycling, treatment and disposal.