Wet Leasing

Hi Fly is a Wet Leasing (ACMI) specialist, capable of setting remote operational basis for the wet leased aircraft, adapting to the customers needs. Worldwide operations.

Hi Fly is an airline specialized in the supply of commercial aircraft on wet lease, this means with crew, maintenance and insurance included. Aircraft are placed in short, medium or long term contracts mainly for major airlines and governments. Hi Fly is prepared to operate from remote locations, having all the technical resources required for such operations available in house.

Hi Fly operates presently 11 last generation fly-by-wire aircrafts: A321´s (1 unit), A330´s (5 units) and A340´s (5 units), and is certified by the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authorities (ANAC), and in accordance with EASA Regulations and IOSA Standards, the most demanding worldwide. Hi Fly offers a highly qualified customer service, with a long standing commercial, technical and operational experience.


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