Wet Lease

Hi Fly is an airline operating the full range of Airbus aircraft: A320, A330, A340 and A380, from 150 to 500 seats, from medium haul to very long haul, from narrow body to the very large aircraft category. These aircraft are exclusively available for wet lease to airlines and governments. Although wet lease is its core business, Hi Fly also offer its fleet for high quality charter flights.

Hi Fly is a leading widebody aircraft wet lease specialist, operating worldwide. Hi Fly offers to its customer base aircraft including crew, maintenance and aircraft and third party liability insurance. The aircraft can be deployed with very short notice (as little as three hours) to cover short or medium term transportation needs. All direct operating costs, such as fuel, catering, airport fees, handling and navigation fees are paid for direct by the client to the service providers. The flight is operated under the customer airline flight numbers.

A traditional airline sells tickets to its passengers- that is not the case of Hi Fly, that works on a Business to Business model and sell instead flight hours to the other airlines. Wet lease is a very useful tool for airlines from all over the world, helping them cope with short/medium term or seasonal capacity needs, where adding a full time additional aircraft is neither possible nor efficient.

There are several types of airlines- Full service carriers, Low cost carriers, hybrid carriers and charter carriers. Each airline has its own service level and require different types of seating arrangements, ranging from high comfort to high density interiors. To serve this large clientele, Hi Fly operates a wide range of aircraft and interior configurations. It is also possible to customize the service level, catering standards, amenities and even the livery of the aircraft.

Besides the airline market, an increasing number of Governments from all over the world are adhering to the wet lease concept, which provides a safe and efficient on time and on budget means of transportation for VVIP, Delegations and Defense personnel. And all this without the need for large upfront capital expenditure in aircraft equipment.


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