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High Levels of Operational Reliability

High Levels of Operational Reliability

09 March 2016

Hi Fly’s fleet, consisting of Airbus A321, A330 and A340 aircraft, achieved operating results of excellence in 2015, having attained a 99,06% reliability rate

The A321 and A330 fleet registered operational reliability rates (quality and safety) of 99,02% and 98,24%, respectively. The A340 fleet achieved an operational reliability rate of 99,20%, exceeding the world average for this fleet which, in the same period of time, was 98,56%.

Operational reliability measures the percentage of flights that depart on the scheduled time, having not been affected by technical faults which could lead to delays, cancelations or changing of aircraft. The registration of high-reliability rates (around 99%) shows aircraft’s excellent mechanical condition, which is guaranteed by considerable investment in their maintenance.

Hi Fly is an EU - OPS carrier, FAA approved, EASA and IOSA certified. The Group to which it belongs owns 20 aircraft, and half of them are operated by Hi Fly: A321´s (1 unit), A330´s (5 units) and A340´s (5 units), exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet leasing (supply of aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance) is Hi Fly core and sole business, therefore unmatched operational expertise in this very specific field has been developed over several years of experience, under the leadership of Paulo Mirpuri.

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