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Hi Fly operates round-the-world Tour

5 January 2018

Similarly to the previous year, Hi Fly realized a round-the-world operation with the travel operator TMR completing a series of flights that took place between the months of November and December 2017.

The chosen aircraft was an airbus A340-300 that departed from Paris – Charles de Gaulle and during the 20 days that the operation lasted, stopped in Panama, Ecuador, Easter island, Tahiti, Sydney, Singapore, Myanmar and Uzbekistan.

In total, there were performed a total of 9 flights that took the 230 passengers all over the five continents reinforcing Hi Fly’s operational and technical quality and reliability.

Hi Fly is an EU - OPS carrier, FAA approved, EASA and IOSA certified. The Group it belongs to owns 20 aircraft, and half of them are operated by Hi Fly: A330´s and A340´s, exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet leasing (supply of aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance) is Hi Fly core and sole business, therefore unmatched operational expertise in this very specific field has been developed over several years of experience.

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