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Hi Fly adopts eco-responsible cleaning method for its fleet

04 August 2016

Hi Fly implemented an innovative process for cleaning the exterior of its fleet, with numerous benefits for the environment and observant of all European directives.
The Eco-Shine cleaning method, developed by the French company UUDS AERO, reduces water consumption by 99% when comparing to more conventional washing techniques. The savings can ascend to 9 850 liters of water per cleaning, and are achieved by manually applying the cleaning product, which is 96% biodegradable, non-toxic and non-flammable. .

The product’s properties also promote energy savings, as they significantly reduce the need for treating waste water and hence the necessity to tow aircraft to washing stations. It further reduces fuel consumption during flights by making aircraft more aerodynamic, therefore decreasing emission levels of CO2.

“Hi Fly is continuing its efforts to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment and the introduction of this cleaning process it’s another milestone in the framework of our environmental responsibility. In addition to those aspects, we also considered the social dimension: the interior and exterior cleaning of our fleet are taking place at Beja Airport, which led us to create more local jobs in a geographic area where there’s shortage”, explained Paulo Mirpuri, President of Hi Fly .

Hi Fly is an EU - OPS carrier, FAA approved, EASA and IOSA certified. The Group it belongs to owns 20 aircraft, and half of them are operated by Hi Fly: A330´s and A340´s, exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet leasing (supply of aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance) is Hi Fly core and sole business, therefore unmatched operational expertise in this very specific field has been developed over several years of experience.

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