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Carlos Mirpuri


Vice President

Carlos Mirpuri is Vice-President of Hi Fly since it was launched in 2005. A professional pilot since 1981, he has an extensive technical and managerial background. As an active airline pilot, he keeps all his ratings and credentials as Captain, instructor and examiner, maintaining close contact with the areas he closely oversees, as is the case of flight, ground and maintenance operations of the Group. Having started his career as a flight instructor, he then flew commuters before joining TAP Air Portugal in 1986, where he spent over 15 years. In 2001 he resigned from TAP to dedicate himself full time to his Aviation Group. He is also a consultant Airbus Training UK.

His pilot related work experience includes Hi Fly since 2005; Airbus Training UK – Consultant since 2006; Air Luxor – between 2001and 2006; TAP Air Portugal – between 1986 and 2001; LAR Trans-regional – between 1985 and 1986 and Airline Pilot Training Centre, US, FL – Flight Instructor, between 1982 and 1985.

Carlos Mirpuri has a Total Flight Time of around 16 000 flight hours, including over 10 500 Command hours in Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft.

Licenses and ratings of Carlos Mirpuri include EASA ATPL, TRI and TRE: A320 / A330-350 / A340, FAA ATP: A320 / B737.

Aircraft flown: A340, A330, A320, A310, L1011 Tristar, B727, B737, Cessna Citation, Rockwell Commander 500S/690B, Beechcraft King Air, DHC - 6 Twin Otter, multiple MEP and SEP. He is also qualified to perform A340 three engine ferry flights, and is factory qualified to perform Functional Check Flights in Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft.

Carlos Mirpuri management experience includes Vice-President of NetJets Europe between 1996 and 2005, Vice-President of several Business Aviation Centers and FBO’s in Paris, Macau, Cape Verde and Portugal main airports. In commercial aviation, Carlos Mirpuri was Vice-President of the now defunct Air Luxor thru its growth phase, until it became in 2004 the largest private airline in Portugal. He stepped down from the Board and left the airline when it was sold in 2006. Carlos Mirpuri was appointed Vice-President of Hi Fly in 2005. He is also the accountable manager of MESA, the Group Part-145 MRO.

With his extensive aviation experience for over three decades, Carlos Mirpuri has marked leadership qualities, acquired throughout his training, command and management activities. Today his group of companies employs over 500 aviation professionals. His other interests include sailing, swimming, motorsports, dogs and horses. A helicopter rating is next in his bucket list.

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