Approval & Certifications

Hi Fly is a fully licensed and certified airline, with two air operator certificates, one issued by ANAC from Portugal and the other by TM-CAD from Malta. Both Portugal and Malta are members of the European Union and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).

Hi Fly is also a full member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and IOSA certified (IATA Operational Safety Audit).

Hi Fly holds authorization to operate worldwide and does so on a daily basis. Every day a Hi Fly airliner departs or lands in all the five continents on earth. Current certifications include:

-  Worldwide transportation of passengers or cargo
-  Transportation of Dangerous Goods
-  All ICAO Air Navigation Regions
-  Low Visibility Operations- Up to Cat 3B No DH RVR 75m
-  ETOPS 180 minutes for the twin engine aircraft
-  Fully Compliant: RVSM, MNPS, PRNAV, BRNAV, RNP10, RNP4, ADS-B, FANS